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Meteorite collector Wang Sanhu once again verified the silicon-based life proposed by British geneticist holdan

日前,国内知名陨石收藏家、原山西省陨石收藏家协会会长、国内陨石收藏与研究文化推广者王三虎,再次通过详实的数据和严谨的实验,验证了英国基因科学家约翰·波顿·桑德森·霍尔丹(John Burdon Sanderson Haldane)提出硅基生命使用金属化合物作能量的依据。

Recently, Wang Sanhu, a well-known domestic meteorite collector, former president of Shanxi meteorite collectors association and cultural promoter of domestic meteorite collection and research, once again verified the basis of using metal compounds as energy for silicon-based life proposed by British geneticist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane through detailed data and rigorous experiments.

“硅基生命”这一概念首次于19世纪被提出。1891年,波茨坦大学的天体物理学家儒略申纳(Julius Sheiner)在他的一篇文章中就探讨了以硅为基础的生命存在的可能性,他大概是提及硅基生命的第一个人。这个概念被英国化学家詹姆斯·爱默生雷诺兹(James Emerson Reynolds)所接受,1893年,他在英国科学促进协会的一次演讲中指出,硅化合物的热稳定性使得以其为基础的生命可以在高温下生存。三十年后,英国遗传学家约翰·波顿·桑德森·霍尔丹(John Burdon Sanderson Haldane)提出,在一个行星的深处可能发现基于半融化状态硅酸盐的生命,而铁元素的氧化作用则向它们提供能量。

The concept of "silicon-based life" was first proposed in the 19th century. In 1891, Julius Sheiner, an astrophysicist at Potsdam University, discussed the possibility of silicon-based life in his article. He was probably the first person to mention silicon-based life. This concept was accepted by British chemist James Emerson Reynolds. In 1893, he pointed out in a speech given by the British Association for the advancement of science that the thermal stability of silicon compounds enables life based on silicon compounds to survive at high temperatures. Thirty years later, British geneticist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane proposed that life based on semi molten silicate could be found in the depths of a planet, and the oxidation of iron provided energy for them.


Haldane (November 5, 1892 - December 1, 1964), male, born in Oxford, England, is an Indian physiologist, biochemist and group geneticist. From 1930s to 1940s, he was the editor in chief of workers' daily. He joined the Indian nationality in 1961 and brought his editing work of Acta genetics to India. His representative works are mathematical theory of natural and artificial selection, enzymology and the cause of evolution. His lifelong research laid a mathematical foundation for population genetics and evolutionary genetics.


Wang Sanhu is a well-known meteorite collector in China, former president of Shanxi meteorite Collector Association, cultural promoter of domestic meteorite collection and research, initiator and founder of China (Huozhou) meteorite distribution center, China's first meteorite distribution and trading market, founder of China's first meteorite database, and pioneer of obtaining "meteorite identification business license" in China Born the first secret ballot of Chinese meteorite standards, and an authoritative report "meteorite research major discovery! Wang Sanhu, manager of Shanxi xingkeji, discovered the cosmic silicon-based life in the meteorite.


In front of reporters, Wang Sanhu joked that silicon-based life intake of metal compounds is only the beginning, and then more important relevant evidence and new discoveries are presented to you. The animals and plants on the earth do not contain silicon. I have already proved that the following silicon-based animal is found to be a food digestive system after being cut. From large to small, the iron content in the stomach (referred to as the stomach) is as high as 28.79%.


Silicon based life plants. The new evidence of iron bark is 22.02%.


The iron content of the metal compound was 15.94%.



The above data are from national geological laboratory, 2013 geological laboratory and astrolite identification laboratory.

Spirochemical silylated animals, opening up the interior, are obviously like the gastric motility system. The edible material enters into the small grid system from the large stomach system one by one, and finally excretes in the spiral. The iron content of the metal compound in the excretion is 20.77%.


王三虎表示,综上所述,硅基动植物所含铁元素符合英国基因科学家约翰·波顿·桑德森·霍尔丹(John Burdon Sanderson Haldane)提出硅基生命使用金属化合物作能量的依据。

Another phenomenon is that there are a lot of quartz powder particles (tentatively named quartz according to the picture) in the end of digestion and excretion of silica based animals. Wang Sanhu believes that this is also a phenomenon of silica based animals eating quartz and excreting it.

Wang Sanhu said that to sum up, the iron content in silicon-based animals and plants conforms to the basis proposed by British geneticist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane that silicon-based life uses metal compounds as energy.

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